Since 1987, American Sign Language teacher, Karen, has been working with the Deaf as well as teaching those who want to communicate with the Deaf. Her initial fascination with ASL and the Deaf community began at a Christian conference while attending Texas Tech University. It was there that she met a friend who had Multiple Sclerosis. His MS affected his throat muscles. Karen began learning ASL to teach him how to communicate more easily. Her interest in the language, and the people of the language, steadily grew into a career.

Why Should I Learn American Sign Language?

  • It counts as foreign language credit

  • To communicate and minister to the Deaf and Hard-of  Hearing

  • Gesturing enables you to communicate with people from various language backgrounds

  • It's an artistic way to worship

  • You could later work your way through college as an interpreter (usually on your own college campus)

  • It's fun & is easy to learn


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