Listed below are a few website links that I recommend; ones I think would interest you, and ones that the Deaf community often use. The fingerspelling websites are a lot of fun. They help develop your fingerspelling receptive skills. When you go to their sites, you will see a hand that will spell words and phrases. You type what you see spelled to you.

Mark Mitchum is a very gifted "Christian Sign Artist" - signing worship songs. I, and many other friends, used to travel with him in the 1980s. Mark now has his own business; he travels all across the U. S. teaching workshops to interpreters - helping them learn how to translate songs into ASL. He teaches a workshop called WWMD (What Would Mark Do) that is individualized for small groups. If you are interested in learning how to translate songs into sign language, I would highly recommend that you contact him.

Word practice only.

This site is a popular catalogue used by many Deaf individuals)
Gallaudet University's bookstore.

This site sells videos and teaches workshops - how to translate songs into ASL.
This site loans deaf videos.
This site loans and sells deaf videos.



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